Crossing Thresholds Of Transformation

liminal doorways


What do marketing and ritual have in common? Both are mechanisms of change. Marketers seek to alter patterns of consumption. Rituals are designed to create transformations of psychological and social transformations identity. When the two are brought together, remarkable things can happen.

Elements of Ritual

The classic anthropological model describes three stages of ritual. To take concrete action, marketers need more detail. These Nine Elements of Ritual can be used individually or deployed in combination to create more potent marketing campaigns.

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The field of ritual marketing is new. Thinking ritually isn't common among marketers yet, but a movement to integrate concrete behavior with deep symbolic motivation is building a growing range of resources related to ritual marketing.

It is said...

“Ritual is an opportunity to affirm, evoke, assign, or revise the conventional symbols and meanings of the cultural order.” - Grant McCracken

“In a technocratic world, ritual can seem disabled, a mere dependent variable, and yet ritual also is said to marshal enormous power. It keeps Toyota factories running.” - Ronald Grimes

“Evolving brand-based rituals are proving to be goldmines for brand owners." - Martin Lindstrom

“What modern people consume are not only products, services or symbols (or brands), but also ceremonies or rituals.” - Fang Yingfeng



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